Lek Amrin

Sales Manager
E-mail: sales1@e-freightsolution.com
Brief info

We are in performing the services, will always use all the best Efforts, to promote and protect the interests of the employer and must make every best efforts for the most economical efficient, and quickest possible dispatch of the service and duties including reliability and loyalty of the customers with Good Revenue/ Distribution and Volumes toward to the Interest of Company’s Business not only in the past but also in the present and into the Future.

Therefore, to leads and manages all sales operations and oversees activities of the junior sales management team toward manages all aspects of a sales department inclusive of leading management, account management, business analytics, and channel development in plays a strategic role in building creative sales strategies that are focused on consumer satisfaction and revenue generation for the business in conducts reviews on the existent sales department strategies and weighs them against results in order to identify areas of improvement conducting research and performing analyses on the performance of the sales department ensuring prompt delivery and accuracy building enhancing closer networks

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